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Leading Student Management for Higher Education

A complete Student Information System for postsecondary schools

How Can Our Student Information System Help You?

Our student information system is an integrated SIS that manages the entire student life cycle including Admissions, Student Services, Business Office, Financial Aid, Alumni Development and Career Tracking functions. Find out why so many post-secondary schools are choosing Campus Cafe!

Increase Admissions

Manages all the stages in the admissions process (Marketing, Recruitment and Application Processing) so that prospects get the attention they deserve. Our SIS helps you reach out and follow up with prospective students in a timely manner and ensure they don’t get lost.

Reduce Student Dropouts

Our strong retention program helps your school minimize the risk of students not completing their programs. With retention scoring, academic alerts, degree auditing, judicial tracking, student attendance and grade management, you’ll always stay on top of their academic progress.

Better Quality Data

Keeping all your data updated and in-synch is one of the main benefits of an integrated student information system like Campus Cafe. All your departments will have real-time access to key data when they need it and our audit system keeps track of all changes so you can easily make necessary corrections.

Make Better Decisions

Generate comprehensive reports that provide a transparent view of your entire school. For example, combining student performance and admissions demographics data can help you determine which programs, geographies and student personas are performing best to more effectively allocate school resources going forward.

Better Financial Management

Easily manage billing and payment collection functions to maximize your cash flow and profitability. Our automated mailings and notifications, streamline the workflow for administrators and give students access to an easy-to-use portal so they can view billing statements and make payments online.

Maximize Your Resources

One of the most important benefits of our student information system is enabling the efficient use of your administrative staff. Many small to mid-sized schools fall into the trap of purchasing separate software components that do not share information, and then find unnecessary man-hours are required re-entering data and keeping data synced across all departments.

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Fully Integrated

Manage all your school operations in one place!

Our SIS is a single database student information system that allows you to manage marketing, recruitment, applications, course registration, billing, transcripts, financial aid, career tracking, alumni development, fundraising, student attendance and class rosters. The major advantage to our SIS is real-time access to data that is more accurate and available when you need it.



In the highly competitive world of admissions and recruiting, it’s critical that your student information system provides the necessary tools to achieve your student enrollment goals. Find out how our admissions system will help you increase enrollments.



Manage the key functions of your institution like course registration, degree audits, transcripts, retention, advising and housing while building a complete profile on each student. Learn more about our student services system for managing the daily functions of student life.


Student Finance

Increase cash flow and profitability with our integrated student finance system. Find out how our software simplifies the billing and payment collection process while offering customizable payment plans, robust communication tools and complete activity tracking.



Your instructors and teachers will love managing student rosters, attendance, grades and communications entirely on-line with our user-friendly interface. Implement our own faculty module and connect your LMS to manage coursework, media and other content.


Financial Aid

Manage all your financial aid with our fully integrated financial aid system for billing, packaging and disbursements of Title IV, private loans, scholarships and grants. Find out how easy it is to collect student documentation and access all the government reporting requirements.



Increase your capacity to strategically engage with Alumni long after they graduate. Improve alumni relations and fundraising and track your graduate's career placement.


Real-Time Reports

Our student management system has three levels of reporting depending on how much detail is required. Since the database is fully integrated, everything is updated in real-time and there’s no waiting for information.


Document Tracking

Whether managing admission applications or financial-aid verification, our SIS makes it easy to track all the necessary required documents. Attach an unlimited number of documents and file types to a student record and then open them with a simple click.


Mobile Portals

Allow Prospects, Students, Parents and Faculty permission-based access to student data. Find out how simple it is to upload documents, view transcripts, pay bills and edit information.


CRM & Activities

Whether you’re in admissions, student finance, financial aid or alumni development our centralized CRM for email, text, reminders and to-do lists helps you keep track of all of your communications with prospects, students and alumni.



Benefit from our cloud-based system with no complex IT infrastructure requirements. Our SaaS model means you don’t need to build and maintain an expensive and complex IT infrastructure.


3rd Party Integrations

Campus Cafe connects to some of the top best-in-class software in marketing, learning management, financial aid and accounting. Our APIs and custom integrations will keep all your data in sync and accessible in real-time.

Robust Features

We have all the tools to make your job easier!

Since our student information system is fully integrated, each module has the same robust functionality with great features, like reporting, document tracking and activity management. Utilize all these great features no matter what department you’re in!

Higher Education Schools We Serve

Our Student Information System can manage all types of curriculum.