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Improve alumni relations and fundraising and track your student's career placement

Get a complete student lifecycle picture of each student from inquiry to degree completion and increase your capacity to strategically engage with them long after they graduate. With our alumni management system, your staff will be better equipped to manage relationships, such as parents, employers and siblings, who could prove to be crucial to your ongoing development efforts.

Alumni Data Management

As part of a unified database management system, you will have real-time access to all the information collected on students from the first time that they inquire about your school, including:


Career Placement

Collect all the information required for gainful employment reporting including place of work, salary, wage, title, placed-in-field. Since our student management system is a relational database it’s easy to find all individuals working at any given organization.


Campaign Management

Maximize your fundraising capabilities by effectively managing all of your fundraising campaigns with daily tasks activities and emails. Our alumni development system provides the data and analysis required to plan strategically and help you determine which campaigns get the best return on investment.

Gift Management

Gift management is a common aspect of any development department and our administrative software makes it easy for your school to process and manage all types of gifts.

Constituent Management

Constituencies can be managed through user-definable constituent codes that allow multiple levels of filtering and sorting.  Relationships can also be set up to match constituents with organizations or other individuals to manage families or other groups.  Campus Cafe has a robust salutation system that will allow individualized campaigns with multiple options for addressing constituents.