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Powerful Database Reporting and Visual Dashboards

Easily convert student data into real-time reports and interactive dashboards.

Your school’s administrators need quick access to important data, especially when submitting compliance reports. Instead of relying on cumbersome spreadsheets and manual data entry, let Campus Cafe be the source of truth for all of your data. 

Student data can be pulled from Campus Cafe’s integrated software modules or your existing business apps to build powerful custom reports and dashboards.

All Your Student Data in One Place

Campus Cafe offers an extensive library of pre-built reports and visual dashboards. 

Leverage your institution’s data to help your team better allocate resources and save money while generating deeper business insights.

Stay Compliant With Comprehensive Government Reports

All the essential reports for compliance with federal, state and accrediting body regulations are at your fingertips. These reports are regularly updated to meet the latest requirements and save time and resources on reporting. Our comprehensive selection includes:

Image of various government reports.

Improve Operational Efficiency With Key Management Reports

Access to real-time information supports informed decision-making for each department and function within your institution. Our extensive library of customizable reports helps schools manage operations efficiently. Key reports include:

Image of management reports.

Unlock Insights With Graphical Dashboards

Custom dashboards provide a colorful and dynamic representation of key metrics by pulling information from multiple reports. Quickly build high-level dashboards for leadership, or set up specific dashboards for team members to track progress toward their goals. These dashboards offer critical insights into:

Image of the college's executive dashboard.

Dig Deeper With Custom Filters and Exportable Reports

Easily tailor your search for students, prospects or alumni with just a few clicks. Whether you’re looking for specific individuals or a broader demographic, these user-friendly customizable filters help you quickly find what you want.

Image of customized filters.