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3rd Party Integrations

Connect Campus Cafe to other Best in-Class Software

Campus Cafe connects to many third party software by custom integrations or open APIs. 


Marketing Software Integration

While Campus Cafe has an internal CRM system you can also export to 3rd party mass email systems like Constant Contact, Hubspot, Mailchimp, Zoho among others. Our Open API allows the ability to connect with any third party to transfer leads into our system

Campus Cafe integrated either via real-time restful API or batch process integration with the top learning management software including Moodle, Canvas, Blackboard and Brightspace so course registration, attendance and grade information is shared within both systems and you won’t waste precious time entering the information twice. 

With restful API integration the data is shared bi-directionally between systems. In other words, when data is added in Campus Cafe it gets updated in your LMS and vice versa.


It is easy to set up general ledger accounts that can be exported a third party accounting software like Quickbooks, Great Plains, Microsoft.

While Campus Cafe has a fully integrated financial aid module. It does integrate with PowerFAIDS and EdExpress for generating ISIRS and COD for collecting federal funds. 

Online Payments

Students can make payments online with a credit card that is connected to your bank account. We use as the gateway that connects to your bank. We are also integrated with Paypal.


Taking attendance is easy for career schools since we have a mobile app and also integrate with third-party systems like Course Key, where data is automatically imported into Campus Cafe.

Email, Texts, Calls

We use your current email system, integrating with Google and Microsoft, so you can send emails from Campus Cafe that are saved in the students activity file. Text messages can be sent from Campus Cafe via Message Media and recorded in the student’s activity file. Call out directly from our system with RingCentral integration.

Digital Signatures

For schools looking for a 100% paperless environment including digital signatures, Campus Cafe integrates with DocuSign so all signed documents are automatically accessed within Campus Cafe.

Bookstore - Course Materials

For managing course materials Campus Cafe integrates with Ambassador Education Solutions course materials platform RODA which simplifies the access and delivery of print and digital course materials.

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