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A complete information system to manage all your students in one place

Campus Cafe helps your institution build a complete record of each student while managing the key school administration functions like course registration, degree audits, transcripts, retention, advising, housing, health records, financial holds, conduct records and room assignments. A self-service portal also allows for anytime access for parents and students which helps improve communication and frees your staff to focus on the most important activities.

Course Registration

Online or offline registration in a snap

The course registration system is one of the most critical components of any student information system. Since registration can be a very complex area of administration that requires a flexible and configurable solution Campus Café’s school registration software supports many key features.

Course Catalog

Build an entire course catalog for credit, clock and continuing ed programs. Easy to copy and edit by semester, term or period.

Self Registration

Students can self-register with validators and online payment.

Cohort Registration

Easily register large populations of students into multiple classes, programs and sections at once.

Room Scheduling

Check classroom availability with a detailed lists by room/day/time.

Course Scheduling

Schedule your program of study with our system that checks for room and time conflicts.

Credit Programs

Traditional credit based transcripts can be customized to include internal and external course transfers, course equivalents and multiple degrees.

Clock Hour

Customizable transcripts and midterm grade reports that could include labs, clinicals and other activity-based learning.

Hybrid Credit & Clock

Campus Cafe can manage a combination of credit and clock or clock to credit grad conversions and vice versa.

Continuing Education

Certificates of completion can be created for CE courses and CE credits can be included on a degree transcript.


Customizable Transcript to Your Unique Curriculum

Get immediate access to updated academic performance reports and allow students to track their progress. Configure transcript templates for many types of degrees and programs while our robust CRM helps administrators smoothly manage official transcript requests.

Student Retention

Keep Students Enrolled

Ensure your students complete their program or degree. It can be costly when a student drops out, so our strong retention program  helps your school minimize this risk with retention scoring, academic alerts, degree auditing, judicial tracking, student attendance and grade management.

Retention Scoring

Develop your own scorecard for what’s important for tracking student success with a point system based on attendance, grades and alerts.

SAP Reports

Run Satisfactory Academic Progress reports for both clock and credit programs based on % completion, GPA thresholds and attendance.

Academic Audits

Academic audits help students and their advisors develop a plan for meeting all their requirements.

Discipline Records

Notes about judicial matters can trigger specific actions to ensure that incidents are resolved and students are not slipping through the cracks.


Add alerts based on certain criteria that trigger follow-up tasks so you can be sure students are staying on track.

Degree Audits

Academic audits help students and their advisors develop a plan for meeting all their course requirements. As your students complete their coursework, the degree audit updates to help provide students an accurate forecast for future class and course options to ensure they meet their academic goals.


Student Portal

Provide user-friendly online mobile access to students and parents to view real-time information anytime, anywhere through a secure, password-protected, FERPA-compliant web-based portal.

Academic Alerts

Campus Cafe’s academic alert portal allows faculty and academic officers to quickly and easily add an alert on a student record.  This could be for attendance issues or other course related alerts. Within the academic alert portal, each user has capability to:

Advising System

Help Students Meet Their Academic Goals

Faculty and advisors will get the full picture on student academics which makes a big difference when it comes to time management and retention. Campus Cafe’s advising system provides a central location for advisors to perform various tasks like register students and obtain their academic profile.

Academic Audits

Academic audits help students and their advisors develop a plan for meeting all their requirements.


Advisors get full access to the students real-time transcript or grade report.

Enrollment Histories

The entire history of a student enrollment is maintained for multiple degrees and continuing education.

Advising Notes

Keep track of all student interactions and record notes and notification reminders for future meetings.


Online portal allows advisors to make changes to a students who has already registration or lock and approve courses for future.

Housing & Residential

If you offer on-campus housing, Campus Cafe can help manage the residential life of your students with an integrated housing system that provides detailed functionality for tracking the key functions like billing, room assignments and judicial issues.


Keep accurate records of individual and campus-wide health issues by tracking immunizations, allergies, illnesses and other information essential to the well-being of your students.


Our parking registration system enables your students to register any vehicles that may be parked on campus and keep track of license plate, make and model etc. Our parking registration system also provides the flexibility of issuing window stickers or hang tags, which will enable the use of multiple vehicles.

Forms & Waivers

Our school administration software will also enable your institution to manage its entire forms and waiver process online by collecting and processing enrollment requirements, with real-time reports on missing materials. Our FERPA compliant permission system ensure that only authorized people complete the form and authorization requirements