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Ensure all your students are billed accurately and timely

Having a robust and effective billing system is a critical component to maximizing your school’s cash flow. Our billing system will ensure your students are billed accurately and that nobody inadvertently falls through the cracks. Our online system makes it easy for students to view their bill in real-time and then make payments.

Billing Engine

Never miss a student bill with our billing engine since all current enrollments are automatically processed. You can create all types of billing options by varying programs of study, residency status, grade levels or time periods. All related charges are reflected on one bill in real-time which the student can access online or a mobile device.

Third-Party Billing

Organizations and other non-enrolled individuals can easily sponsor students. Our student system will distribute an itemized bill by student to the sponsor and then reflect the payment on the individual student’s financial ledger.

Fees and one-time charges

In addition to our billing engine you can easily add any type of fee whether for processing an application or a late fee etc.

Online statements

All bills are available online in real-time for students and parents (with FERPA rights).