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Career Placement

Keep track of all your alumni’s job history

Having access to the full view of student lifecycle undergirds institutional research. Your alumni tell your school’s story, so tracking them adequately is critical. By better understanding where your alumni end up, you can remain engaged and leverage those connections to help with future career prospects for students.

Collect all the information required for gainful employment reporting including place of work, salary, wage, title, placed-in-field. Since Campus Cafe is relational it’s easy to find all individuals working at any given organization. 

Jobs and Externships

Track all the relevant data on where your students are placed after completing their education.

Gainful Employment

Campus Cafe supplies all the information needed for gainful reporting in an easily exportable report that meets the government requirements.


Manage all the information on the organizations that hire your students. Since our SIS is relational, you can easily find which organizations employ the most number of your students.