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A robust portal for teachers and faculty to manage their students

Our faculty portal is easy to use for teachers to perform many functions like class roster management, attendance, grades and learning management. Faculty can also communicate with students via email and text and add notes and alerts to help manage their progress.

Class Roster Management

Faculty can manage student rosters and seamlessly communicate with their classes by emailing or texting individual students or add notes and alerts. Also provide instructors access based on permission to key information in the student’s profile like their retention score and notes from other instructors


Managing attendance is easy for faculty and instructors. Track attendance with absent/present or time-based for clock hour programs. Campus Cafe also integrates with 3rd party systems for swipe cards or biometric scanners. 


Create any type of curriculum that uses any combination of grade whether letter or number. Manage student coursework with an integrated grade book with weighted tests and assignments which easily calculate into a final grade.

LMS Integration

Use a top-tier LMS as an Extension of your SIS. Campus Cafe integrates with the some of the leading LMS systems like Canvas, Moodle and Blackboard so students can use a single sign-on and key information is shared between systems.