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Payment Collection

Ensure your students pay in a timely manner

Effectively managing your payment collection for students payments is critical for maintaining an adequate cash flow for your school. Our Student Management System automates the emails, mailings and notifications for a streamlined workflow for administrators. Since students can view billing statements and make payments online, they get an up-to-date status of their financial picture. It’s easy to set up payment plans and place a student on hold in the case of non-payment.

Online Payments

Our billing system connects with your merchant account so when a student pays online it is deposited into your account and the payment is automatically reflected on their billing statement.

Payment Plans

Give your students the option to make partial payments over time. Create unlimited payment plans types so that payments can be spread over a set number of days, specific dates or percentage due.


With our CRM system you can easily send out payment reminders via email, text or traditional mail and set automated follow-up reminders.

Hold System

Administrators with permission can place a student on hold if they are delinquent on payments and limit their access to their transcripts, schedule, registration etc..