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Plan of Study

Improve on-time graduation rates, save students money, and decrease dropouts and withdrawals.

Streamline Student Achievement

Support is critical for first-generation students, but many colleges lack the resources or advising staff to help students meet their goals. 

Clear learning goals and the ability to see how they are progressing toward those goals are key to student success.

A plan of study helps schools keep students on track to meet graduation requirements.

A Dynamic Tool With Many Benefits

Don’t overburden students with too many choices or how to get support. A plan of study helps move students toward their goals while offering the flexibility to create customized schedules.

Students take too long to graduate
Create structured program maps and academic plans
Improve on-time graduation rates
Students are overwhelmed or confused by which courses to take
Advisors and students build course schedules that align with educational goals
Students save money and graduate with only the credits they need
At-risk students fall through the cracks
Early warning systems that trigger interventions
Help struggling students and increase student retention rates
Poor communication between faculty, advisors and students
Plan of study information is attached to a student’s record
Faculty and advisors can easily monitor student progress

See how a Plan of Study creates a real-time roadmap to graduation and increases student retention rates.

Provide Students With Structure and Support

Give your team the tools to put graduation in reach for more students while also streamlining operations and communication.


Glean insights into resource allocation for majors, minors and general education based on enrollment trends.



Help students understand program requirements, select appropriate courses and make progress toward their goals.



Provide subject-matter expertise, guidance and academic support to students.

How a Plan of Study Works

Without a clear path to graduation, students are at increased risk of dropping out or withdrawing. Our plan of study feature enhances the academic advising process and empowers students to take ownership of their educational journey.

Plan Creation and Management

Input degree requirements, prerequisites and recommended course sequences based on the student’s academic program and goals.

Degree Audit & Progress Tracking

The degree audit tool helps students and advisors track progress toward degree completion and identify outstanding requirements.

Integrated Course Registration

Students can use their plan of study to select courses for upcoming semesters, ensuring they fulfill degree requirements and stay on track with their academic plan.

Advising and Support

Provide personalized guidance, review academic plans, make recommendations for course selection, and address any concerns or challenges related to degree progress.

Flexibility and Customization

Make adjustments to meet individual goals and circumstances, such as changing majors, adding minors or accommodating transfer credits.

Reporting and Analysis

Generate reports and analytics to make data-driven decisions and improve academic programs based on program effectiveness, student success metrics and enrollment trends.

Integration With Other Systems

Plan of study information integrates with other systems and tools within the SIS ecosystem to streamline communication and data sharing across different campus departments and services.

Student Portal

A user-friendly platform lets students view their degree requirements, track their progress and plan their schedules.