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Help your students complete their program or degree

In higher education, upwards of 30% of students won’t reach completion. When a student drops out you lose the opportunity of future revenue and additional funds must be expended to attract and enroll the next student. 

Campus Cafe’s strong retention program helps your school minimize this risk with many features to help stay on top of each students academic progress. Our retention scoring, academic alerts, degree auditing, judicial tracking, student attendance and grade management will help administrators guide each student’s progress to reach their academic goals.

Retention Scoring

Get real-time updates on student progress by creating a scoring system that evaluates which students might require additional attention. Develop weighted points for attendance, grades and alerts that combine into an overall retention score. Get notified if a student in danger and see a detailed report of their history.

SAP Reports

Campus Cafe has you covered for all government reports including Student Academic Progress (SAP). Run reports for both clock and credit programs based on % completion, GPA thresholds and attendance. Easily print out the report and file the paper copy for potential government audits.

Academic Degree Audits

The sophisticated degree audit can help a student and their advisors plan out their course load to limit the uncertainty and help ensure each term, period or semester is not too heavy or light. Limiting the stress and errors in registration each year will help increase student satisfaction.

Academic Alerts

If a student is demonstrating poor class participation or seems to lack engagement with course material, his or her instructor can add alerts to a student record. These alerts might be an early warning sign which might contribute to the retention score or trigger a notification to the school administration.

Disciplinary Records

More serious infractions relating to student behavior on campus or in resident housing can be recorded and trigger specific actions to ensure that incidents are resolved in an expeditious manner. These records can also contribute to an overall retention score.