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Campaign Management

Maximize your fundraising capabilities

The most important aspect of any fundraising organization is the management of your fundraising campaigns. Your Alumni Development office might have multiple strategic campaigns in progress at any given time and to achieve your goals, you will need a school information system that not only helps manage the day to day activities but also provides the reporting tools you’ll need for effective strategic planning.

Mass Communication

Easily reach out to all your constituents and keep track of emails, text and mass mailings.


Activity Management

Manage all of your activities, notes, events, and visits. Create email templates for drip campaigns and email followup. Set reminders and assign tasks to others.

Mailing Labels and Salutations

As your alumni relationships change with divorce separations and remarriage, managing salutations can become challenging, but with our alumni development system, you can be sure all of your mailing lists will have the correct greetings for emails and mailing label.



Ensure your fundraising resources are deployed on campaigns that generate the most return. Track campaign metrics with visual dashboards and easily find data on individual or batches of alumni and their constituents.