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Student Finance

Increase your cash flow with efficient student billing and payment collection

With our student finance system you can effectively manage the billing and payment collection for students payments which is critical for maintaining the adequate cash flow for your financial operations. Automated mailings and notifications streamline the workflow for administrators. Students can view billing statements and financial holds, and make payments online (at once, in installments or at a later date).

Student Financial Ledger

Manage All Your Student’s Finances in One Place.

Financial History

Get a detailed history of all charges and payments


Financial Aid

Shows all billing/payment detail as well as pending and verified financial aid private loans, scholarships and grants

General Ledger

Easily post general ledger to a third-party accounting software like Quickbooks

Change History

See all changes and updates to a student account by user.



Accounts receivable aging or detailed trial balance

Our student billing process is convenient and user-friendly allowing for many types of billing options.

Payment Collection

Ensure your students pay in a timely manner and automate the payment collection process with our streamlined CRM for emails texts, reminders and notifications.

Cash Management

Campus Café’s Accounts Payable module gives you the power to manage vendors and your institution’s buying process.  The module offers the following features: