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Find Documents Faster

A centralized document management system makes finding and sharing information easier while streamlining file management and improving security.

Save Time and Resources

A cloud-based document management system minimizes the time and resources spent collecting, finding and sharing the most up-to-date documents. 

From uploading immunization records to digitally signing enrollment agreements, digital documents reduce manual outreach and help prospects, students, staff, faculty and alumni stay connected.

All Student Documents in One Centralized Location

Moving documents to the cloud can increase every department’s efficiency in managing the student lifecycle in all stages — from prospect to enrollment to career placement and beyond.


Admissions and Marketing

Share digital brochures with prospects, enjoy unlimited document storage, and get notifications when documents and applications are uploaded. 


Registrar and Student Services

Keep current documentation centralized for immunizations, exit counseling, transcripts, academic audits and disciplinary records.


Financial Aid

Manage award and aid letters, send cost of attendance estimates, share tax documents and request digital signatures.


Alumni Management

Easily pull transcript requests, append resumes, save and share alumni awards and recognition, and keep documentation on past gifts and contributions.


Career Placement

Keep documentation for Gainful Employment reporting, track job and externship information, and store information on organizations that hire your students.


Finance and Billing

Post statements, receipts, or payment schedules to student records, and access financial aid information.

Discover how your school can seamlessly move documents to the cloud.

Stay On Track With Digital Document Management

Go beyond simply collecting, storing and sharing documents. Our integrated system uses triggers based on activities to keep prospects, students and staff moving forward with document requirements.

Unlimited Cloud Storage

Convert unlimited paper files to digital, create new documents and upload any file type at no extra cost.

Use Smart Workflows

Activities related to documents can trigger workflows that send notifications to staff or students, thereby reducing manual tasks and follow-ups.

Set Automated Alerts and Notifications

Program alerts, notifications and automatic updates when a document is uploaded or removed from the system.

Build Document Checklists

Students and staff can easily see which documents have been submitted and what still needs to be uploaded.

Electronic Signature Integration

Reduce back-and-forth emails and phone calls with the DocuSign integration. Eliminate paper records while streamlining authorizations, enrollment forms and more.

Get Reliable Security and Compliance

Access controls, two-party authentication, digital encryption and passwords protect sensitive student data.