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Document Management

Easily upload, view and manage all your documents in one place

Whether managing admission applications or student financial-aid verification, our SIS makes it easy to track the documents and other requirements. Attach an unlimited number of documents and filetypes to a student record and then open them with a simple click.

Manage Missing Documents

Easily manage missing documents with alerts and notifications and automatic updates to status when documents are submitted.

Attach Unlimited Documents

Our system has no limit on the number of attachments to a student record.

Upload All Document Types

Attach forms, images, test scores in any format type including. .pdf, word, .jpeg, .png, csv etc.

Automated Notifications

Use our notification system to send alerts to specified individuals when a document is uploaded or removed from the system.

Build Document Checklists

Create a set of required documents for prospects or students to submit for applications.

DocuSign Integration

Our fully integrated system allows students to sign documents electronically with DocuSign and the document is automatically attached to the student’s record.