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Get the full picture on student academics

For faculty and advisors who wear many hats, having a 360 degree view of each student’s academic progress makes a big difference when it comes to time management and retention. Campus Cafe’s advising system provides a central location for you to evaluate a student’s progress with academic audits, retention scores, transcripts and SAP reports so an advisor can effectively guide a student to meet their academic potential. 

Academic Audits

See which students are missing enrollment requirements and build reports with what-if scenarios for planning purposes.

Transcripts and SAP Reports

Get real-time transcript and Satisfactory Academic Progress reports to identify at-risk students.

Enrollment History

See the full enrollment history over multiple degree and majors.

Retention Score

Get a handy scorecard for tracking student success with a point system for attendance, grades and alerts.

Advising Notes

Compile extensive notes from each advising session

Registration Interface

Support student registration with locks, holds and post-registration approvals.

Student Schedules

View student schedule.

Academic Alerts

Set alerts for academic issues that require further attention.