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Financial Aid

Manage all your financial aid processing in-house or with an outside servicer

Campus Cafe has a fully integrated financial aid module that services student communication, billing, packaging and government reporting for Title IV, private loans, scholarships and grants.

Packaging Aid

Flexible Packaging of Financial Aid Management

Campus Cafe makes it easy to award, package or repackage student financial aid. Our simple interface enables a financial administrator to  import ISIRs and package aid  based on federal eligibility. The system can then generate  an estimated aid letter that is available online to the student or the parent.


Simply import batches of ISIRs with all the necessary data (including SAR codes) into our student management system to start the Title IV and non-federal aid auto-packaging process.


Easily make adjustments and corrections and repackage as part of the verification process.

Non-Federal Aid

Manage packaging of non-federal grants, scholarships and private loans.

Aid Acceptance

Students can review and accept their aid through the student portal or view and receive an estimated aid letter.


Document Management

Collect all required documents and allow the student to upload the documents you allow via permission.

Cost of Attendance

Integrate cost of attendance and need calculation as part of the packaging process.


Activity Management

Utilize the Campus Cafe CRM to keep track of all the calls, emails, text, and reminders for collecting and packaging the student awards, as well as automatic notification of verification selection and FAFSA discrepancies.


Student Portal

Students can keep track of their verification status, accept their aid, upload documents and print their aid letter.

Disbursement Management

Third-Party Financial Aid Servicers

If your post-secondary school contracts with outside financial aid service consultants like FA Solutions and Higher Education Assistance Group (HEAG) to manage your packaging and disbursements, then Campus Cafe makes it easy for them to process your financial aid. It will save time and effort for them to use our financial aid system since it will significantly reduce duplicate effort and allow your school to access a complete financial picture in real-time.

We stay on top of all the key government reports and update any changes so you don’t have to. Get a full battery of reports including SAP, gainful employment, NSLDS/ Clearinghouse enrollment reports, FISAP Data, IPEDS and 90/10.



If you prefer managing your financial aid with a third-party system Campus Cafe has integration  with EdExpress, PowerFaids and ECM.