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Managing attendance is easy for faculty and instructors

Never miss taking attendance. The student roster enables faculty and Instructors to easily mark absent for only the days that attendance is required. For clock hour programs simply enter the hours or integrate one of our third-party swipe or biometric scanners.

Credit-based Programs

Simply mark a student absent and attendance system takes care of the rest. It’ll warn you if you try to take attendance on days the class doesn’t meet and remind you to take attendance if you forget.

Clock Hour Programs

Clock-based programs can be challenging to keep track of hours but Campus Cafe is very flexible to include breaks, holidays, exceptions and also integrates with automatic clock machines for automatic time import.



Get real-time status of attendance by student with hours completed, completion percentage and a detailed breakdown of daily attendance. Also, get a report by instructor to ensure they are up-to-date with their attendance taking.

Time Clock Integration

Taking attendance is easy especially when you integrate with our third-party clock systems. You can use a biometric reader or card swipe to record attendance and the time is automatically imported into our student information system.