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Alumni Data Management

Get a full student history of all your alumni

One of the greatest benefits of a unified database management system is real-time access to all the information collected on students from the first time that they inquire about your school to when they graduate. Managing alumni is easy whether you’re tracking careers, raising funds, managing gifts or alumni family relationships.

Academic History

Get all your Alumni’s academic history digitally for reporting and internal analysis

Family and Other Relationships

Keep track of your Alumni’s family and other relationships including Job ensure you use the correct salutation on all correspondences

Clubs & Awards

Make sure you record the exploits of your more prestigious alumni, with information on their both as a student and after graduation.


Easy record, manage and report on the full history of past giving and contributions for all your students' alumni and their families


Being up all your alumni interesy will ensure your communications are more personalized and effective.

Transcript Requests

Process all your transcript and other alumni request with our integrated CRM.