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Student Portal

Provide secure mobile access for students and parents

Students can log in and get key information on their academic progress through our secure FERPA-compliant mobile-responsive portal. Students can also perform certain functions like registering for classes, upload documents for admissions and financial aid and pay bills. They also get online access to a variety of information including transcripts, grades, class schedules, degree audits and billing statements.

Online Course Registration

Let students register for classes with our user-friendly online self-registration system by simply picking classes and checking out. Students are then billed based on the rules you set.


Financial Aid

Improve your financial aid processing by allowing students to upload documents, view financial awards, status, award letters, cost of attendance

Transcripts and Grades

Students can get immediate access to current grades, grade reports and student transcripts.

Class Schedules

Students won’t miss a class when they access their class schedules online in calendar or list format with information including class size, room location and instructor.

Degree Audits

Students and their advisors can plan for the future with access to our sophisticated degree audit that helps determine course requirements with a real-time audit of the current and expected class load.

Billing Statements

Give students real-time access to their bill which includes all integrated financial components including financial aid, payment plans, one-time fees and charges.

Pay Bills

It’s easy for students to pay bills online with our secure payment portal that connects to the credit card merchant account of your choice.

Notes and Alerts

Increase transparency by allowing student access to alerts or notes from teachers, faculty and administrators regarding performance, participation or attendance.