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Course Registration

Flexible online registration for both traditional cohorts and asynchronous programs

Enjoy the flexibility of the Campus Cafe registration system so your institution can offer any type of course. Our easy to configure solution manages all type of programs including clock hour, credit, terms, semesters and unlimited start dates and end dates (asynchronous). Also, free up time for your Registrar by taking advantage of the self-registration features where students can sign up for classes online.

Course Catalog Management

A major component of our registration system is the course catalog designed for all types of course structures. Build out all your courses for credit, clock and continuing ed programs. Easy to copy and edit by semester, term or period. Some of the main components of our course catalog system include:

On-line Registration

Whether a student has been accepted into a degree program or is taking in a one-time non-degree course, Campus Cafe can support both a shopping cart check out or more complex rules based course registration.  Built in validators for holds, class size and waiting list to allow for seamless registration for on-line, brick and mortar or continuing education classes. A student can login to Campus Cafe through our student portal and register for classes via their phone, tablet or computer.

Single-Use Shopping Cart

Offer continuing education or online courses for website visitors. They can sign up, register and pay online in one simple process.

Course Registration via Student Portal

For students who have been accepted to a program via an application process they can login to a student portal and register for classes. Some of the handy features of our registration system include:

Cohort Registration

Registrars and administrators can easily register large populations of students into multiple classes, programs and sections. Save course templates so you can register a cohort into multiple classes with only a few simple steps. 


Setting a plan for class size, instructor load and where and when a class should meet is a critical component to any location based school. Campus Cafe has many functions that will help you plan out future terms and semesters including: