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Degree Audit

Ensure all your student’s meet their curriculum requirements

Your students won’t miss a class requirement for their degree or program. Our sophisticated academic audit helps students and their advisors develop a plan for registering each term or semester. Reports can be generated by course to see a comprehensive list of students still missing their requirement.  The degree audit is very useful for advising to develop what-if scenarios and forecasting.

Student Reports

Flexible reports are available for an advisor to help plan for student’s upcoming enrollment.

Course Reports

Easily identify enrollment gaps by course to ensure no student misses a requirement .

What-if scenarios

Build multiple enrollment options so students can create a flexible enrollment plan

Class Instructor Needs

Forecast and plan for class instructor needs with the degree audit by course enrollments.

Course requirement groupings

Build multiple groups of courses so that any one of, a certain number of or all courses within the group can fulfill the requirement.