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Startup Schools

Affordability that scales with your growth

One of the challenges of startups and smaller schools is finding the right student information system. There are hundreds of cheap systems that are difficult to sort through since they generally have limited functionality that might look attractive from a budget perspective but won’t do everything you need thus requiring you to lean heavily on spreadsheets. Campus Cafe strikes the right balance of having a robust feature set to effectively manage your school and it won’t break the bank. Some of the benefits of our student management system include:

Adjustable pricing per active student

Unlimited helpdesk support, no hourly limits

Significantly lower cost of ownership

Unlimited prospects, alumni and other contacts

No startup fees

No long-term contracts

You only pay for active students

Free backups and recovery

Customizable reporting

Unlimited document storage

Real-Time Grade Reports

Campus Café produces both traditional transcripts and grade reports that can disseminate mid-point and final grades with academic proficiency (SAP), skills attained, attendance and faculty notes. All of this data is available in real-time and feeds governmental reporting requirements.

Our student information system  can track attendance by clock hours which makes it easy for faculty to evaluate each student’s progress against the total required hours. The system is highly configurable with a calendar to plan out each course’s scheduling including holidays, breaks, and other exceptions.


Government Reporting

Campus Café complies with all federal reporting requirements and has hundreds of reports that can be used for accrediting bodies, state reporting and financial aid. Whether it’s gainful employment 90/10, IPEDs, NSLDS or others, we have you covered

The ability to track student placements and hiring metrics is a key component for meeting government compliance. The Campus Cafe system makes it easy to get the data tracked in the system for accurate reporting and compliance.

We can customize our software to help you increase efficiency and accommodate different situations, different learning methods and other facilities.