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Release Notes 2020

Version 2020 Announcement

Dear Valued Customers,

We are pleased to announce the official release of V2020 of Campus Café.  Version 2020 contains many new features as well as improvements to existing code.  

We have added an additional 12 new institutions to our client base this year and our continued growth assures that our product will continue to evolve as a leading provider of ERP software to the educational community.  Our cloud solutions provide full capabilities for customers who choose not to build or maintain their own infrastructure.

Please note that there may be some overlap from the V2019 announcement to V2020.  This is especially true if the feature was released late in the prior cycle or if there are significant fixes/enhancements for the prior year features. 

This announcement is sent to our primary contacts at your institution.  We much appreciate if those individuals can forward this to other Campus Cafe users so they are aware of the upcoming changes.    

The release notes attached will include more detailed lists of enhancements and fixes. The notes are broken down into separate attachments so that users can review enhancements, with more technical items (database changes, new permissions, parameters, etc.) available in separate documents.  Many client functions have been replaced with web applications and will be deprecated in V2018. These will be noted in the highlights below with a **. 

For our On Premise Customers, please note V2019 will only be functional until February 28, 2020 and that V2020 must be installed by that date.  It is strongly recommended that you request a download of V2020 from our help desk so that you can begin testing and getting familiar with the new version as soon as possible.  Our help desk will assist you with installing new versions in your test or production environments. Setting up and maintaining the test environment is the responsibility of the customer. 

For on premise installations, the following are Recommended Minimum Specifications for hardware, software, and operating systems:

OS : 64-bit Windows Server 2018
SQL : 64-bit SQL Server 2017
TOMCAT : 64-bit Tomcat 8.0
Crystal Reports : 2013
Crystal Reports Reader : Saber Logicity  

It is recommended that all users review the section for new Custom Controls and Permissions.  In many cases this helps to discover new features and functions. Please remember that new Permissions are set to “no access” by default so it is important to make sure you are given access where applicable by your system administrator. 


Highlights for V2020:

Two Way Texting 

  • Allow two way texting tracking of incoming texts in activity tracking and send email.  Text replies now send an email to the sender and also include the reply in the activity tracking used to send the text. 
  • Allow Texting Via Individual Message Media Users.  Text will come from and return to user who sent message.

Email Template Tools

Automated emails can be sent immediately or on a drip (sent on due date).  There is a new function that will poll activity tracking to see if there are any workflows due.  It can be set to run at a desired interval and will produce emails from the work flow directly or an associated HTML template or word template.   This means the user does not have to run batches manually unless this is the desired behavior. The auto function will only work if the work flow is a word mergeable template and the email body or email template is filled in. 

Database Trigger Function

Many additional fields are now triggerable.  The list is available in the drop downs within the database trigger interface on the ADMIN menu. 

This function will allow triggering of an event when any entry is made to the audit log.  Since the audit log is designed to capture a wide array of changes to the database, this will centralize event-based triggering.  

For example, you may want to trigger an activity for any of the following:  a student status changes, an enrollment is added or dropped, a grade is changed, a financial aid verification status is changed, or others.  

The process is summarized here.  Create a template/workflow. Use the interface on the ADMIN menu to create a trigger.  Generally, you will select a table name/field name from a drop down, specify the from and to value that you want to be the event trigger, and then select the template from the dropdown list that you wish to invoke.          

Please note that the trigger invokes and event that goes into a job queue to actually create the activity tracking record.  This is generally set to run every 60 seconds, so there may be a slight delay before you see the record in the person’s activity tracking page.  This is designed this way to prevent rush conditions or locks if many activities are being triggered simultaneously.  

Opt In or Out for Texting 

Add Texting option field to STBIOS and portal and finders. New custom control will determine whether the default is to opt in or out. Added Texting Option In and Texting Option Out checkboxes to admissions portal.  Only one of these can appear on a form. They both point to STBIOS.TEXT_ALLOWED. N means they cannot be texted. Blank (or anything else) means they can. The texting function in the various finders will automatically exclude anyone who has opted out. 

SSRS Reporting 

Many new reports have been developed and additional Crystal Reports have been rewritten in SSRS for the web.  Cloud customers automatically receive access to all SSRS reports. We will supply a free copy to on premise customers who wish to deploy these reports upon request although they would need to reset the permissions in the reports to make them operable.    SSRS(SQL Server Reporting Service) is a tool available in the visual studio suite that allows development and deployment of sophisticated reports. The advantages of this approach include:

  • Easy web deployment of reports.
  • No need for client based development tools.
  • Included with MS SQL with no additional license fees.
  • The base reports can be accessed through a URL.  Our default access to these reports is typically using a custom link on the faculty/staff menu.  We continue to replace existing base Crystal Reports with SSRS reports including IPEDs reports. (see list in reporting detail section).  In cases where the report has not been replaced, the existing reports can still be found in the client reporting menus or accessible through your file system.
  • Campus Café Web now provides the ability to view database table and column names when hovering over a field.  This is permissions based. 

User Interface

Additional functions have been moved to the web.  We are working on a new user interface including dashboards for each department and reworking of the contact page and quick search so that the old menu system can be bypassed in many cases.  This version will not be released until at least 2nd quarter 2020. The CSS is also being standardized to make global changes more consistent.  

 (Programs that are deprecated on the Client will be noted with **)


  • Applicant Page School Lookup Now Goes to School Finder.  
  • Added Round Robin counselor assignment.  Track last counselor assigned in ADCONT. 
  • Added template drop down for each configuration box on admissions config page.  This allows sending of a templated email rather than the existing text box for the outgoing Inquiry email or holding table email. 
  • Chng label app status document page from missing forms to “Documents”.
  • Added App Status Portal To Person Selected Menu – Added to Person Selected Menu using same permission as Applicant Page.  Added ability to be added as default landing page “APPSTATUS”. Added ability to toggle through people and stay on App Status.  
  • Add M=Medium and H=Hot to inquiry counts on admissions dashboard  – I,L,M,W, Y,A,P should be totalled in inquiry count.
  • Added admission counselor, advisors 1 and 2, and all 3 decoded to all user’s activity tracking listing page  – 6 new fields. 3 id numbers and 3 names.
  • Added M and H progress code to inquiry totals on dashboard.  M = Medium Lead H = Hot Lead
  • Added Lead URL As A Field To Open API.  This allows capture of UTM information. Each element including Content, Term, Source, GCLID, Medium, Campaign, and the Lead Source URL are captured in activity tracking records.  
  • Added High School Grad Month To Adm Portal, Holding Table, and Inq/App pages.  This will comply with IPEDs requirement that high school grad month and year be supplied on the report.  
  • Applicant Status Page- Deposit Buttons Now Only Show If Amount is In Portal Config. 
  • No Longer Have a Default Member Restriction When Adding Tracking From the Adm Portal.  Tracking in members other than A can now be triggered by an admissions form.  


  • Gift Finder – Added Send Selected To ID Number Button To Help With Multiple Queries.  For example, you can now search for all donors who gave in 2017-2018. Then you can send those ids back to the gift finder and get a list of anyone on that list who did not give in 2019.
  • Add ability to write off a Gift History record rather than a Donation Header record – need to be able to update this field on the adjust any ar invoice record.
  • Add PET (project expense tracking)  code to gift history. This will get updated when the gift cash batch gets posted.
  • Added filter on soft credit type and accounts rec code to gift finder. 
  • Constituent Transaction listing – change to include beneficiary of soft credits – Added virtual soft credit and changed grid column header Soft Credit Name to Related Person/Org.  Also, removed Matching Person/Org column from Gift Listing (no longer used)
  • Gift UI – add launch links for related constit, tracking & cash batch. – Added “DF” (Donor Advised Fund) search filter.  
  • Gift Receivables Listing page – add filter fields on AR Code & Soft Credit Type.
  • Added last gift date and last gift amount on alumni finder grid.
  • **Port Cafe client Gift Purpose UI to Cafeweb – added showOnDonationPage and inactive checkboxes.
  • Added relationship date range to people finders.  This will allow using relationships to track member of a given group within a date range (i.e. current board member).
  • Added Spouse Email and Spouse Mobile to Alumni Finder Grid and Download. 


  • allow multiple clock hour rows for same course for same day.- 
  • Allow Lab Sections To Show As Scheduled Time in Clock Hour Reports. 
  • Batch Progress Reports Now Shows All Dates From Course Start to End Date – Used to only show 5 weeks, now it starts and the course start date and ends at the course end date. No other logic was touched, including the totals at the bottom.
  • Online Course Now Looks at Enrollment Start/End Date as override to see if it should appear on report.-
  • Allow edit/delete of absent record from clock time interface   – Added deletion functionality if permission 1200 is not NA and/or ABSENT=Y. Also, add audit logging of deletion.  
  • Changed “Infraction Type” column header to “Attendance Notes” in attendance history and other places.
  • Add Permission To Remove Attendance Comments On Roster – Also, make sure 756 can be set to NA. 
  • Added Ability To Uncheck “Attendance Taken” Flag in Course Roster if no Other Absents or Clock Hour Time.
  • Attendance Threshold Calculation Now Excludes Unsuccessful Courses.
  • Batch student schedules can now be created in excel format. 
  • Clock Hour Report Rows Are Now Purple If Attendance Was Taken With No Hours and Not Absent.  

Student Financials 

  • New GUI Changes To Payment Screen.  Added additional boxes and drill downs.
  • add filter for WB billing batches. 
  • Payments – Change matrix indicator to 1  when merging from payment page for temporary batches.  Added to Payment page member merge function. Will change all BIBBAT for given bios ID member input and if billed_by_matrix=’W’ then change billed_by_matrix=1. 
  • Group Billing – Changed word Transfer to “Transfer to my Billing Batch” on group billing.
  • Develop Credit Card Convenience Fee Capability for Courses in Can now specify percentage in MSPARM. 
  • Add pet code to transaction code detail and grid-update billing batch and cash batch. 
  • Can Now Default Payment Plan Section To Expanded On Load in Payment Page With MSPARM PAYPLANSHO. 
  • add copy all from semester for billing rules.  
  • Should not be able to delete a bill code if in billing batch, cash batch or course fee table.  Added non-bios auditlogging of BILCOD deletion (must use SQLServer to see record – i.e. select * from SYS_AUDITLOG_NON_BIOS). CRM/ Activity Tracking).

CRM/ Activity Tracking

  • Allow two way texting tracking of incoming texts in activity tracking and send email.  Text replies now send an email to the sender and also include the reply in the activity tracking used to send the text. 
  • Make workflow emails send out either on email past due or on add- based on mode.  This allows for drip emails to be sent on due date automatically. 
  • Allow Texting Via Individual Message Media Users.  Text will come from and return to user who sent message.
  • expand default “Email On Add” on workflow page to 500 chars. 
  • Implement Docusign Integration.   Corrected, DocuSign webhook is now operational.
  • Queue Results List now in alpha sort order. 
  • Activity Tracking Detail Page – Made it so that you can’t change the workflow name. 
  • “Added Document Portal – Added a new portal that lists all the tracking items for a person. Can view in my info or in selected student.
  • Perm 1198 gives access to your own portal. If RO can view the name of the attachment but not access it.
  • Perm 1199 gives “
  • Added tracking lookup slide over to add activity and batch activity pop up.  Also added new column that lists if it’s inactive and highlights it. Remove the view inactive checkbox on the Activity Tracking Page, since they will all show.  
  • Added magnify glass to open the lookup for a template on tracking listing page and removed that functionality from the textbox.
  • Add Operands to database trigger interface and ability to only do action on change or add.   
  • Added inquiry major 1 and inquiry major 1 description to the activity tracking page grid.  –
  • Added entered user id and date to grid on activity tracking with extra data page.  This will allow users to sort and see who entered or modified a comment etc.   

Crystal Reports

  • Add Exam Conflict by Student to SSRS Reports Library – Re-write the base Crystal report Exam Conflict by Student using SSRS.

Financial Aid

  • FinAid Cost of Attendance – allow blank major when adding new – Expanded best fit cost fetch to allow blank MAJOR. 
  • Award letter wording  – Changed Award references to Aid  Award = Type of Aid Total Awards = Total Aid. 
  • FinAid Disbursement Rules – expand percentage decimal to 6.3. 
  • Change wording on Award letter to Estimated Financing. 
  • COD Document Response – Add Student Name.   
  • FinAid Disbursement Roster – display “R” release code spelled out in grid – For now, just spell out the code’s meaning (i.e. RELEASED, PROVISIONAL,UNRELEASED) in the roster grid. 
  • FinAid Disbursement Roster grid – show error codes from COD response – Reworked FA_DISB_WITH_COD_STATUS to include FA_RESPONSE ERROR_CODES by element type (i.e. AWARD,PACKAGE,DISB) and pass these values to the Disbursement Roster grid page. 

General Ledger

  • Add cost center mapping field to GLHEAD to map to CLASS in Quickbooks. 
  • Add PET code mapping field to GLMEAD to map to JOB in Quickbooks – 
  • **Moved Cost Center Groups and Cost Center Description Interface to Cafeweb And Remove From Cafe – Combined the 2 cafe panels into 1 cafeweb page.
  • **Moved GL Control To Cafeweb And Removed From Cafe – make cost center mandatory  dont allow drop downs for account field dont allow changing of any balances if MSPARM GLBALOCK is value N.  
  • Added cost center description as class code in Quick Books export – The cost center description is contained in table GLHEAD where the GL_ACCOUNT and FUNCTION_NUMBER are 0.  You would pull the description from the GLHEAD table and place it in the class fi


  • Add housing semester field to RGCONT record to control housing semesters. 


  • SYUSER Creation: Can Append email suffix to user name. 
  • Add AR_BALANCE_WITH_AID fields to new mail merge process.
  • Deprecate Original Hold Enrollment Tracking and Add Enrollment Tracking Code.
  • Decode dates enrollment specific merge fields to job queue mail merge process, as well as last date attended table value – LAST_ATTEND_DATE applies to the enrollment.  
  • Added Permissions For Quick Finder, Separate From People Finders – Now they can remove Quick Finders from people who have specific restrictions of people they can look up.  
  • Parent order- Removed Sequence Number From Relationship Pages – Detail and Listing. They caused confusion when the 2nd sequence number was the primary parent.  
  • Hide inactive templates in list.  
  • Can now set “from” email address for specific workflow.  This works with Office 365 but may not work with all email relays. 
  • Add new column with all email addresses in all finders.  This will display multiple email addresses if they exist for a person.  
  • Trk attachment now audit logged from tracking detail page and returning from DocuSign. To data is now workflow name – Changed To Data to be the workflow name.  
  • Change Password added to Audit Log.  
  • add Triggerable fields for address changes to audit log – Added single audit log record of type ADDRESS_CHG with the address or phone type in the to_data field.  Phone changes will have “-PHONE” appended to the address type (i.e. MBL-PHONE).  
  • Renamed Code Array and and Status Code Assignment Student finder Buttons – Also renamed them on the actual pages.  
  • Added hidden group field to menu in velocity pages.  This will allow a web developer to condition content on the Entry page based on the user group.  

Registration/Student Services

  • Added ability to go to a different shopping cart form based on the course selected.   Added a new field in the Course Table to indicate which form to use for registration. This overrides the MSPARM which is the default. MSPARM still needs a value in orde
  • Course Detail Fee table and prereq table are now data tables – plus fixed a bug with the calendar when there is no data.  
  • **Added Time Conflict Override To Cafeweb – Already removed from café.
  • **Added Final Exam Maintenance to Cafeweb and Removed From Café.   
  • **Moved Major Restriction Maintenance To Cafeweb and removed from Cafe Client.  
  • **Added Linked Courses Interface From Course Finder. Removed From Cafe – Added a button on the course finder that leads to a page that allows the user to add a linked course header and a linked course. Same permissions hide and RO each table as in café. 
  • **Moved Degree Audit Comments and Degree Audit XRef from Cafe to Cafeweb.  
  • Change degree row end date override to be based on expected grad sem.  If expected grad sem (end sem) in degree row is 0, set it to degree’s begin sem.  -Take FASCDT record based on degree row end sem and set degree row end date to that FASCDT last day ex
  • **Added code array assignment function to web from student finder and removed from cafe – Added to Student Finder with same permission it was in cafe (673 in MI module 131). Can add/remove specific code, or remove entire array. 
  • **Added Status History Batch Insert to Web and Removed From Cafe – NA or RO to Permission 594 will hide this.  Removed From Cafe. Checks to make sure end date is not before start date. Checks to make sure record doesn’t already exist.  
  • Transcripts need flattened and transparent PDF for Parchment integration.  
  • Added Division and department and title to course finder filter and grid. 
  • Print full clob for TRANCOMTx on transcript  – Added support for tracking text comment. Post Secondary transcript format only. Will always use the trk_attachment’s text comment if not blank but only up to a length of 3100 characters due to page fitting,
  • Create web official transcript  on web. NOTE: msparm TRANS_IMAG-2+ (sequence#2+) uses parameters 6-10 for the unofficial image paths.  
  • Added a permission to hide roster link on course roster listing from faculty menu – 33104  Hi Janet, We have sent a new version for Derrick to install which has this new feature. This will allow anyone with access to the faculty staff menu-course roster
  • FW: set up a waitlist notification – Add a specialized waitlist insert autolog at enrollment insert time, like we do with final grade change etc..
  • Add student name, id to calendar schedule and room number on calendar 
  • Sign Up Now Form Now Goes Directly to Payment Page. 
  • RESTful Canvas integration for monitoring interaction.  This will pull participation from Canvas and update RGENRL last date attended.  Job is run from Registrar menu. 
  • **Degree Audit Requirement Entry Page Moved From Cafe to Cafeweb – Changed description copy to look at sem 999999.  
  • Added course title, semester, course, and section to portal form for registraiton  if in Sign Up Now mode. 
  • Sign Up Now Can Skip Pick Sem Page and Link Directly to the Form for a Course. 


  • Create admissions source report in SSRS – Prompt for date range of activity tracking due date  include work flow category S. sort and break on source with summary/detail option with totals  report fields.
  • Modify AR Aging SSRS Report – Add Total Past Due Column  Add Grand Totals.

Special Project

  • Integration with Schoology on Enroll/Unenroll.  

System Level

  • **Moved App Log Config To Cafeweb and Removed From Café.
  • Web App Config – Refresh all SYWCFG through admin servlet. 

MSPARM – Admissions

  • Custom Control/MSPARM – If Y, use next counselor value from ADCONT in round robin style assignment. Default N. – MSPARM AUTOCOUNSL 1-2  Description: Y=USE NEXT COUNSELOR VALUE FROM ADCONT IN ROUND ROBIN STYLE (MUST BE INT) Default N

MSPARM – Attendance

  • Custom Control/MSPARM – Added ATTEND_VAL 1-6 to allow taking attendance multiple times a day using course exceptions. – Desc:  CAN TAKE ATTENDANCE MULTIPLE TIMES ON SAME DAY USING COURSE EXCEPTIONS Default: N

MSPARM – Billing/AR

  • Custom Control/MSPARM – Added PAYPLANSHO, Seq 1, Parm 1, if ‘Y’ to default to expansion of payment plan section on Payment Page. – Description 1:  Y=EXPAND THE PAYMENT PLAN SECTION ON THE PAYMENT PAGE UPON PAGE LOAD Default 1:N

MSPARM – Financial Aid

  • Custom Control/MSPARM – Added  FA_COA_STR Seq 1, Parm 1, if Y Cost of Attendance is picked based upon start date exact match. – Add new MSPARM FA_COA_STR-1-1.  PICK COA BASED ON START_DATE ONLY RATHER THAN DATE RANGE. ALLOW COA DATE OVERLAP. Y=TRUE. Cont
  • Custom Control/MSPARM – Added FA_COA_TUH, Seq 1, parms 1,2 to hold Cost of Attendance tuition reduction %. – MSPARM FA_COA_TUH-1 to hold Cost of Attendance tuition reduction %. NOTE: this reduction only applies to COA tuition (in/out state) not any other.
  • Custom Control/MSPARM – Added FA_COD_DAY, Seq 1, Parm 1, to offset days on disb days start date from sched date. – FA_COD_DAY-1-1 COD DISBURSEMENT PERIOD STARTDATE DAYS OFFSET FROM SCHEDULED DATE.  Default is blank which means do not use.  
  • Custom Control/MSPARM FA_PKGTERM, Seq 1, Parm 1 – “Y” will hide legacy FinAid rules and display new Term Rules. Default is N. – MSPARM FA_PKGTERM-1-1 – “Y” will hide legacy FinAid rules and display new Term Rules (see case 33605). Default=N/blank.

MSPARM – Registration

  • Custom Control/MSPARM – Added GRADEGRID, Seq 1, Parm 1 to hide grade values on gradebook grid page – MSPARM GRADEGRID-1-1 to show/hide grade values in Gradebook Grid page off of Course roster.
  • “Custom Control/MSPARM PARTTIME, Seq 1, Parm 1 – Default part time code value on degree insert. Default F for Full Time. – Designate default PART TIME code for RGDEGR/FinAid when inserting a new degree. Default will be “”F”” if blank.

MSPARM – Transcript

  • Custom Control/MSPARM – Added TRANS_CUST-9-3 if Y, single column CLOCK/CREDIT transfers print school name based upon ADSCHL code – IF Y, SINGLE COLUMN CLOCK/CREDIT TRANSFERS PRINT SCHOOL NAME BASED ON ADSCHL SCHOOL CODE
  • MSPARM/Custom Control – TRANS_IMOF, Seq 1, Parms 1-4 for official transcript image paths. – (run-time option Cafeweb)  TRANS_IMOF-1-1 cpmOfficialVariableFirstOfImagePath TRANS_IMOF-1-2 cpmOfficialVariableMiddleImagePath TRANS_IMOF-1-3 cpmOfficialVariabl

Permissions – Attendance

  • Permission/Restriction – Added permission 1200 to allow deletion of ATSENT record marked Absent – NA means can not delete ATSENT records with “Y” in the ABSENT column.

Permissions – CRM- Tracking

  • Permission/Restriction 1199 – Added to control access to Person Selected Document Portal – id 1199  type U module AV Container Group Document Portal Short NameDocument Portal Description NA removes the ability to edit a selected person’s Document Port
  • Permission/Restriction 1198 – Added to control access to your document Portal. – id 1198  type U module ST Container Group Document Portal Short Name Document Portal Description NA removes the ability to edit your Document Portal. 
  • Permissions/Restrictions 1196 – Added to Control Access to attachment functions in your own portals – id 1196  type U module ALL Container Group: Document, App Status, Fin Aid Portals Short Name: Attachment Access In Your Own Portals  
  • Permission/Restriction 1197 – Added to control access to add/edit/delete of person selected attachments. – id 1197  type U module ALL Container Group Document, App Status, Fin Aid Portals Short Name:Attachment Access In A Different Person’s Portals  

Permissions – Financial Aid

  • Permission/Restriction 1195 – Added to control access to COD Document & Response pages. – SYPOBJ 1195 COD Document & Response pages – NA hides menu link & page loading of CPS COD Document Listing page & its COD Response Listing page.  

Permissions – Global

  • Permission/Restrictions – 1186-1191 Added to control access to Quick Launchers. 

Permissions – Registration

  • Permissions/Restrictions: Added 1192 course listing wait & availability (non-public) – SYPOBJ: add 1192 course listing wait & availability (non-public). This is different from existing perm 611 which is public side. 
  • Permission/Restriction 1194 – Added to control access to the Roster Column on the Course Listing with Roster – Type: F  Module: ALL Container Group

STPARM – Alumni/Dev

  • STPARM – New SOFT_CREDIT_TYPE_CODE (2a) MNSCCD – STPARM: new SOFT_CREDIT_TYPE_CODE (2a) MNSCCD  Used to record type of “soft credit” ALARMA. Existing type codes are: In Memoriam (IM) In Honor (IH)  Matching Gift (MG) 

STPARM – Financial Aid

  • STPARM – need 3/4 time representing COD value ‘Q’ – Manually added to CHI using below insert sql.
  • STPARM SBPTIQ – Replaced “3” with “Q” for consistency with COD. Also Changed any “3” value in STBIOS and RGDEGR to Q. – Fixed AdmissionsPortalManagerImpl

STPARM – Registration

  • STPARM – Added N for No Start Degree Status.