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How a High-Growth Trade School Modernized Operations

A Scalable, Easy-to-Use SIS

To run its operations more efficiently and to better serve its stakeholders, Mildred Elley chose a cloud-based and easy-to-use student information system to scale with its growth.

As a fast-growing professional school, Mildred Elley offers certificate and degree programs in the health services, legal, business and wellness fields. To help its non-traditional students manage their education and work-life balance, the school is expanding its onsite programs and ramping up online education. 

Mildred Elley needs to coordinate student data for financial aid, registration, coursework, career placement and alumni tracking across its multiple campuses. But as the school’s needs grew more sophisticated, its outdated legacy student information system just wasn’t able to scale.

Mildred Elley: A Snapshot
Mildred Elley is a fast-growing professional school with multiple campuses.

“Campus Cafe is very user-friendly, intuitive and logic-based.” 

Carrie Swain
Assistant Director of Curriculum and Accreditation

The Challenge

Time-consuming processes and disparate information sources created unreliable data.

The school’s legacy system was cumbersome. Everyone who used the system – from administration and staff to faculty and students – experienced its limitations.

Administrators had to navigate several modules within the system just to access data for a single student.

When students started new program modules, staff had to enter the data manually.

The legacy system relied on outdated technology and onsite servers, which were expensive to host and maintain.

The Solution

A student information system that helps every department work more efficiently.

Mildred Elley selected Campus Cafe Software for its all-in-one modules and easy-to-use interface, as well as the robust customization options, an organized implementation timeline, in-person training and a responsive customer support team.

The leadership team liked that the system is cloud-based and hosts all its information on a centralized platform. Now Mildred Elley’s IT team doesn’t have to worry about maintaining and upgrading equipment or keeping up with cybersecurity patches.

But perhaps most importantly, Campus Cafe Software’s student information system improved the school’s student data management practices.

Must-have features
Workflows helped organize and automate manual processes so users have better tools for reporting.

Self-service portals
Students can manage class registration, monitor grades and coursework, and communicate with faculty and staff.

Streamlined processes
Helps staff to work more efficiently and collaboratively.

Centralized information
Previously siloed information is now easier to find and more accessible.

The Results

A single source of truth that improves student data management and saves valuable resources.

Since Mildred Elley went live with the Campus Cafe Software system, now everyone can be confident in the quality of the data to make their reporting more reliable and actionable.

With a simple technology upgrade, Mildred Elley has removed friction and frustration from everyday tasks to transform today’s students into the next generation of skilled workers.

Better student outcomes
Faculty have the tools to stay better connected with students so they reach their graduation goals.

Improved processes
Student degree audits can now be printed in bulk instead of printed individually.

Digitized information
Students receive their courses, health requirements and billing all from the Campus Cafe Software system.

Reduced administrative burdens
Online portals give students and parents access to records, with the ability to contact staff and make payments.

Structure and consistency
Instructors have digital gradebooks and can text or email students directly from the platform.

Single source of truth
The cloud-based platform improves student data management practices and improves access to information across departments.

“Campus Cafe is incredibly cost-effective and geared toward the non-traditional students that we serve.”

Dr. Kenneth Clough
Chief Academic Officer