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Higher Education Schools

Benefit from our 30+ years of expertise in higher education

Campus Cafe is dedicated entirely to higher and post-secondary education. Focusing on higher education ensures we don’t cut corners on functionality and therefore build features that are specifically designed for our customers needs. If you have a system that wasn’t built for for higher ed but other types of schools in mind, give us a call and find out why our student information system sets us apart.

Our system is highly configurable to your unique program type

There is no such thing as a typical student anymore and this is especially true for career schools. Students now are of all ages, from all backgrounds, rooted in a variety of career paths and industries and are often very busy when not in the classroom. You need a student information system that is user-friendly, convenient, easy to access and gives students all of the information they need in one central place.

Colleges & Universities

Manage both traditional or non-traditional programs

Our college management software was designed with your small to mid-sized university in mind. It does not contain complex features and programs that you don’t need and it does not require a large IT staff to support and maintain. If you are looking for a cost effective solution, Campus Cafe provides the best ROI in the market and is your ideal choice.

Selection of College & University Customers

Our focus is higher education and we have many customers that have been with us for over a decade.