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A CRM Built for Higher Education

A centralized hub to nurture prospects, communicate with enrolled students, build alumni relationships and manage career placement data.

With integrated CRM software, everyone has visibility into the entire student lifecycle. All departments have access to real-time information on prospects, students and alumni at their fingertips.

In just a few clicks, send a personalized message or a blast to thousands of contacts by text message, email, direct mail or phone call directly from an easy-to-access database.

Spend Less Time Managing Information

When information is easy to find, departments can collaborate on tasks that intersect while minimizing data entry errors and redundant, manual work.

Campus Cafe's higher-education CRM helps colleges manage prospects, students and alumni.

Discover the benefits of an integrated CRM over standalone CRM software.

A CRM for Everyone

Lean into an easier way for all departments to track activities and communications that boost enrollment, engage students and alumni, and enhance cash flow.

Registrar and Student Services

Communicate course changes, set advisor appointments and proactively monitor student retention.

Admissions and Marketing

Manage online applications, assign leads, follow up with inquiries and schedule marketing blasts.

Finance and Billing

Send payment reminders, upload invoices, track late fees and set automated follow-ups.

Financial Aid

Send student award notifications, manage FAFSA alerts and track disbursements.

Alumni Management

Organize donor outreach, send gift receipts and thank you letters, and track fundraising campaign ROI.

Career Placement

Record Gainful Employment data and manage information related to the organizations that hire your students.