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Career Schools

Our highly configurable system built to fit your unique program type

Our robust SIS is designed for Career Schools and highly configurable for your specific attendance, grade reporting, transcript and government reporting needs. We cater to small and mid-sized schools with tight budget requirements and agile implementation timelines.

There is no such thing as a typical student anymore and this is especially true for career schools. Students now are of all ages, from all backgrounds, rooted in a variety of career paths and industries and are often very busy when not in the classroom. You need a student information system that is user-friendly, convenient, easy to access and gives students all of the information they need in one central place.

Selection of Career & Trade Schools

Our focus is higher education and we have many customers that have been with us for over a decade.

Campus Café produces both traditional transcripts and grade reports that can disseminate mid-point and final grades with academic proficiency (SAP), skills attained, attendance and faculty notes. All of this data is available in real-time and feeds governmental reporting requirements.

Our student information system  can track attendance by clock hours which makes it easy for faculty to evaluate each student’s progress against the total required hours. The system is highly configurable with a calendar to plan out each course’s scheduling including holidays, breaks, and other exceptions.


Government Reporting

Campus Café complies with all federal reporting requirements and has hundreds of reports that can be used for accrediting bodies, state reporting and financial aid. Whether it’s gainful employment 90/10, IPEDs, NSLDS or others, we have you covered

The ability to track student placements and hiring metrics is a key component for meeting government compliance. The Campus Cafe system makes it easy to get the data tracked in the system for accurate reporting and compliance.

We can customize our software to help you increase efficiency and accommodate different situations, different learning methods and other facilities.

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