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Software Update Announcement 2017

Dear Valued Customer,

We are pleased to announce the official release of V2017 of Campus Café.  Version 2017 contains many new features as well as improvements to existing code. 

It has been an exciting year for Campus Café.  We have added over a dozen new institutions to our client base and our continued growth assures that our product will continue to evolve as a leading provider of ERP software to the educational community.  Our cloud solutions provide full capabilities for customers who choose not to build or maintain their own infrastructure.

The release notes attached will include more detailed lists of enhancements and fixes. The notes are broken down into separate attachments so that users can review enhancements, with more technical items (database changes, bug fixes, etc.) available in separate documents.  Many client functions have been replaced with web applications and will be deprecated in V2017.  These will be noted in the highlights below. 

For our On Premise Customers, please remember that V2016 will only be functional until February 28, 2017 and that V2017 must be installed by that date.  It is strongly recommended that you request a download of V2017 from our help desk so that you can begin testing and getting familiar with the new version as soon as possible.  Our help desk will assist you with installing new versions in your test or production environments.  Setting up and maintaining the test environment is the responsibility of the customer.

For on premise installations, the following are Recommended Minimum Specifications for hardware, software, and operating systems:

OS : 64-bit Windows Server 2012

SQL : 64-bit SQL Server 2012

TOMCAT : 64-bit Tomcat 8.0

Crystal Reports : 2013

Crystal Reports Reader : Saber Logicity  

It is recommended that all users review the section for new Custom Controls and Permissions.  In many cases, this helps to discover new features and functions.  Please remember that new Permissions are set to “no access” by default so it is important to make sure you are given access where applicable by your system administrator.

General Software Changes

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People Finder - Save Filters

Multiple filter criteria can be saved with a name and then retrieved and executed at any time.  Combining this feature with the ability to save the output of columns on the grids will allow you to create customized queries for many different departmental operations.

SSRS Reporting

Campus Café now supports SSRS reporting.  SSRS(Sequel Server Reporting Service) is a tool available in the visual studio suite that allows development and deployment of sophisticated reports.  The advantages of this approach include:

  • Easy web deployment of reports.
  • No need for client based development tools.
  • Included with MS SQL with no additional license fees.

There is now a link on the Café Web Faculty/Staff menu to access SSRS base reports.  Some of the existing base Crystal Reports have been replaced with SSRS reports.  (see list In reporting detail section).  In cases where the report has not been replaced, the existing reports can still be found in the client reporting menus or accessible through your file system.

Campus Café Web now provides the ability to view database table and column names when hovering over a field.  This is permissions based.

User Interface

Major changes and improvements have been to the user interface (UI) has been implemented for V2017.  This includes the following:

  • Documentation Videos available on UI and Campus Café web site.
  • Activity tracking grids allow direct access to attached documents.
  • Smart grids (movable columns, sortable) for the following:
  1. Course listings.
  2. Course rosters listing.
  3. Activity tracking.
  4. Financial aid disbursement schedule.
  5. Advising history.
  • Contact Info page has been reformatted.
  • Financial Aid status portal page has been reformatted.
  • Other UI improvements.

Mobile Applications

Campus Café now offers a suite of true mobile applications.  There is a nominal charge of $1.00 per year per FTE (full time equivalent) for this service. We will discount the first year charge 30% if contracted prior to February 29, 2017.  Mobile applications include:

  • Student Schedules / Exam Schedules.
  • Email Add/Edit.
  • Hold Codes.
  • Billing Statements.
  • Faculty Rosters and communication with students through text and email.
  • Add/Adjust Grades Through Faculty Schedule.
  • Faculty Schedules / Exam Schedules.
  • Advisee Listing and communication with students through text and email.

Web Interface

(Programs that are deprecated on the Client will be noted with **)

  • Degree Audit Batch and Reverse Degree Audit Table creation **  Reverse Degree Audit now allows for each user to create and report on their own data.

Admissions Interface

  • The admissions portal and configuration system has been completely rewritten.  The new interface allows easy to use functions to add/remove fields and  tracking items, making fields required, changing fonts CSS, field labels etc. at the individual form level.
  • The admissions portal allows for multiple tabs, moving fields and tracking items to any position on any tab.
  • The admissions portal allows for the prospect to “save” and come back later to complete the application.
  • Tracking items can now be displayed based on constraints. (e.g. a tracking item can appear if the prospects chooses a certain program or site in another area of the form).
  • Old forms will no longer appear until a conversion script is run.  This script is included in the V2017 Synch/scripts provided.
  • The applicant status portal is rewritten.  Prospects can upload their own documents with the proper permissions and if the work flow allows this function. Submission date is automatically updated when the document is uploaded.
  • Admissions portal config allows for specification of a default major for the form.


  • Inactive Fund Codes can be hidden in user interface.
  • Letters can be printed in reference number order.
  • Career tracking and employment fields added to the relationship page.


  • Attendance warnings (class not in session e.g.) can now be overridden with permission.
  • Attendance dates table can now be run as a nightly task.

Student Financials

  • Transaction code field expanded from 2 to 5 positions to allow for more flexible coding.
  • Due to the required NSLDS requirements and ease of reporting student status, we are recommending changes to the current degree row status to ensure accurate reporting. This includes limiting and mandatory hard coding of the following codes (E=Enrolled and A=Active-not enrolled automatically controlled and updated by the system, Y=Graduated/Conferred, W= Withdrawn, C=Completion, I=Inactive degree row used to mark inactive rows when new programs are started). See documentation for additional details.  We recommend using activity tracking for file for degree candidates.  This will keep the degree status limited to student status.
  • Group Billing (billing matrix) moved to web. **
  • Financial Aid code (FAWCOD) maintenance moved to web. **
  • Added balance forward date to student A/R page.
  • Added amount due filter to org finder for sponsor billing.
  • Added address information to cash and billing exports.


  • Added long comment and short comments to advising history page.
  • Added advising history smart grid-Allows listing, editing, updating of entire advising history from the person selected menu.
  • Advising grid can be filtered by approved/unapproved students.

Housing/Residence Life

  • Added new tab on contact info page, controlled by permissions 1149 and 1150 to allow students or administrators to view roommate information.

General Ledger

Exporting from the web general ledger look up can now be done one of the following ways:

  • Copy the entire page (control A) and paste into excel.
  • Use the new export button on the page.
  • Save page to desktop and then use existing import from excel (from web).
  • Add Pet code reporting to web-based general ledger lookup.

Registration/Student Services

  • The course roster has been completely rewritten for V2017.  Many of the functional areas can be called or hidden so the interface is more modular.  In addition, new validation and error checking has been added (e.g. you cannot mark someone absent if they are on a leave of absence).
  • Additional 2017 IPEDS reporting requirements implemented.  This includes 12 month, Fall report, financial aid report, completion rates reports, admissions report.
  • New workflow trigger for change of grade - Allows user to setup Template Requests under the DATABASE group to trigger a tracking/email if an enrollment’s grade changes (including final, deficiency and year-long grades).
  • Major code has been expanded from 3 to 10 positions to allow for more flexible coding.
  • Students with multiple majors or minors can now view all degree audits  
  • Major code now expanded to 10 positions to allow for more flexible coding
  • Capture enrollment process now has defaults eliminating the need to configure semester dates table.  Enrollment capture takes a snapshot of enrollment credits, major, site at a selected point in time.
  • Added status end date to status history page (e.g. LOA start date and end date can now be stored).
  • Added student start, enrollment verification, and end date override in degree row.
  • Added cum credits earned-no transfers to RGSSUM and cumulative average grid.
  • Advising interface now allows sorting of approved and unapproved
  • Advising interface allows direct access to advising record without need for approval first.
  • Entire advising history is now available in a sortable grid/edit feature
  • Course basket “Drop All” feature is now available.


  • Activity Tracking editor now supports both plain text and rich text with the default as plain text.  Using plain text allow merging of typed comments into a document without the need to remove HTML tags.  This is also true of comments stored in activity tracking.
  • Work flows can now be changed/edited from within a template.
  • Individual Person/Org merge has been moved to Café Web. **  Batch processing for merges is still available on the client.

To Watch the Overview Video and

download the detailed Release notes

please login into

Client Support and Release Notes Menu.