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About Campus Cafe

A Trusted Student Management Solution Since 1986

Founded in 1986, to assist higher education institutions manage their student data, Campus Cafe has grown into a comprehensive software suite that coordinates the full student lifecycle. Most of our valued customers have been with us for many decades and that loyalty has been earned by our dedication to listening to customer feedback and solving their needs.

Our Mission

Our focus is to provide learning institutions with real-time access to critical business and student data so they increase student satisfaction, reduce costs and make better decisions.

Customer Service Focus

Our dedication to customer service is what sets us apart from other application service providers. All the members of the software development team at Campus Cafe serve a dual role as an application programmer as well as customer support representative. Although very unusual, this is done for very important reasons.

This ensures client issues are handled by the most knowledgeable employees of what’s under the hood  of our software. Therefore, your questions get answered more expeditiously. But also it enables unfiltered feedback from our customers to the development team who is responsible for the software’s continuous improvement.

Dedicated Software Development

Our software development philosophy is to nurture long-term employee loyalty so the product knowledge of our engineers is comprehensive, built up over many years. The average tenure of our software team is over 10 years. This translates into quicker turnaround for new product features and fewer bugs with each new software release.

Latest Technology

Campus Cafe  is available in the cloud which means you don’t need to build and maintain an expensive and complex  IT infrastructure to support it. We host from a world-class enterprise data center with maximum security, availability and scalability.

Campus Cafe utilizes Java’s design and deployment which is lightweight and modular, so that implementation is shorter and upgrades happen in minutes. Java’s object oriented technology allows for Campus Café to be platform independent which ultimately translates into a lower cost for you.