Web BasedStudent Services

College registration software

Empower your institution to deliver exceptional student services with a sophisticated and configurable integrated registration and student billing system. Efficiently manage the student experience while utilizing the Campus Café retention and alert system to monitor and mentor students as they progress through their chosen curriculum.

IncreaseYour Admissions

School Admissions Software

Compete effectively and realize your enrollment goals with Campus Cafe’s Admissions Portals by giving prospects the ability to inquire/apply. Automatically track their application online and in real time through the Campus Café easy to use web based reporting tools.

StreamlineBusiness Operations

School Administration Software streamlines operations and produces reports real time

Save time and avoid administrative errors with streamlined business office modules that link registration, billing, student payments, giving, and other transactions seamlessly into the integrated Campus Café General Ledger for real time data access for effective decision-making.

BuildYour Future

Alumni Development Software

Make an impact with expertly managed campaigns and initiatives with the assistance of practical fund raising and reporting tools, campaign management tools, enhanced research functions and centralized contact management. (Work flows, Queues, Texting Options).

Learning Management

Moodle is integrated into Campus Cafe Student Information System

Leverage Moodle with Campus Café’s real time integration. Moodle is a global web-based Learning Management System offering nearly 3 million courses to more than 50 000 organizations and includes enhanced learning tools. Or, use the Campus Café integrated grade book feature for seamless recording of academic results.

Workflow & Contact Management

Campus Workflow and Contact management software

Centralize all communications in a robust and easy to use interface across your campus with a workflow and contact management system.

A Truly Integrated Student Information System for Colleges and Schools

Campus Café is a single database Student Information System that unifies the Admissions, Student Services, Business Office and Alumni/Development functions. It is the only truly integrated school administration software system built specifically for the needs of small and mid-sized educational institutions. Our customers are colleges and universities with up to 10,000 students, independent schools, career schools, community colleges and schools of continuing education.

Unlike other software in this market, Campus Café has its own integrated financial modules. It is also integrated seamlessly with software commonly used in educational institutions, such as Moodle, CollegeNet, CollegeBoard and Easy-League. Campus Café is built using Java technology and is completely web-based. It can be implemented quickly and does not need the large support staff required by large ERP vendors.

Campus Café will increase your school’s operational efficiency with its workflow management capability and access to a single record of the entire student lifecycle from applicant to alumni and parent. When all of your data is related, your ability to better understand institutional trends is enhanced, enabling you to design and implement strategies to increase your school’s performance.

Unifying your campus is the first step in achieving your institutional goals.  To learn more, contact us today.

  • Students graduating at colleges and universities
    College & Universities

    Campus Café has been designed to be supported with the resources of smaller colleges, but meets the needs of larger, complex institutions (up to 10,000 students). Read more >>

  • Students graduating at colleges and universities
    Career Schools

    Campus Café tracks student placement and hiring metrics, financial aid compliance, and academic progress. Read more >>

  • private school students sharing information on campus
    Independent Schools

    Campus Cafe provides a smart way to reduce administrative workloads as all departments share a single integrated database. Read more >>

  • A group study session in school of continuing education
    Continuing Education

    Campus Cafe offers Continuing Education Programs the ability to have an online One-Stop-Shop, Corporate Sponsored Programs, and supports many business models. Read more >>

  • Learning management in Community Colleges
    Community Colleges

    Campus Cafe’s unified architecture offers Community Colleges a more efficient way to serve a growing number of students while managing complex reporting requirements. Read more >>

What Our Clients Say

I placed all of my professional “chips” on SCAN and it has paid off so much better than I could’ve imagined… your staff is wonderful, competent, patient and professional… always on their A-game and wonderful to deal with.

~ John Fallavollita, Director of Information Technology, New Hampshire Institute of Art


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